Industrial refrigeration and electromechanical projects of high quality



The company began operating as a technical office in the center of Ioannina, having as its main purpose the study and supervision of H/M establishments.


It took up the first contracts. (Ziakas’ Hotel, Perama, Ioannina)


It was a milestone. Launching and executing of a series of major and important projects, the implementation of which placed the company in the market and gave actually to it the main character it has until today:

  • ASLANIS S.A. (Industrial refrigeration – H/M systems)
  • L.C.S.C. S.A. (Industrial refrigeration – H/M systems)
  • EXTERNAL H/M systems in the Girokaster Military Hospital (Albania)
  • REVAS-PAPADIMAS E.C. (Industrial refrigeration controlled atmosphere cooling stores)
  • Further transfer to the current systems


Consolidation of the company in the above areas / fields.


The insistence on the construction of high quality projects and the continuous after-sales support has obvious positive results and Apeirotan Construction Company is now characterized as a manufacturer of high quality and reliability. At the same time, a significant improvement in the quality of manufactured works and services must be noted. Also, the basic qualitative characteristics of the company, which are now recognizable in its projects (“technical signature”), are formed. Finally, the first crew of continuous technical support is established and the first installation of industrial automation using PLC is built..


The company entered the field of public and undertook several projects throughout Western Greece. Also, it started cooperation with the University of Ioannina for the construction of special high-tech projects. Apeirotan Construction Company introduces FRIGONET, its own product in the monitoring and recording temperatures in cold stores field. Apeirotan Company is a leader in Ioannina in the area of cold storage construction as well as of H/M installations in industrial and cold storage buildings and of food manufacturing ones.


New dynamic entry in Albania by taking two contacts (GJYROFARMA S.A. and FRESH COMPANY, creamery and bottling company respectively).